Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bonded together by two baby girls Grace and Gracie

It all started in January 2010, Megan had just lost Grace who also had trisomy 18. She read a comment I left here on Bree's blog, and noticed that I had a baby named Gracie also had trisomy 18. Thanks, Bree, for bringing us together through your blog!! She emailed me and the rest is history. I amazed at how technology has allowed us to get to know each other so well even though we are thousands of miles apart.

We quickly called ourselves belly buddies as we both had our pregnant bellies posted on facebook when we first met. We soon found out that we also have belly buddy syndrome.

If you have the following group of symptoms you may also have belly buddy syndrome including but not limited to the following:

1. babies who are friends in heaven and on earth had trisomy 18
2. blothchiness when embarrassed or overheated
3. a tendency to text pictures of your 2 pets several times a day

My kitties Lilly and Chleo

Megan's dog Mylee

Ryan's dog Kenzi

My kitties Lilly and Chleo (there sisters from the same litter can you tell.)

4. a geeky but loving husband that you met on the Internet
5. IBS
6. gallbladder issues that may require its removal
7. sciatica
8. a toothache in the top left side of mouth that happens on the same day, either an exposed root or actual cavity
9. hypochondriac tendencies
10. allergies and frequent sinus infections
11. frequent urinary tract infections
12. work in the medical field either as a nurse or dietitian
13. a total dislike for folding clothing but especially putting folded clothing away
14. severe left lower rib pain during pregnancy
15. a dislike for feta cheese
16. faces with a comma shaped smile

I know very strange that we both met all the diagnostic requirements for belly buddy syndrome. It's a very technical medical term for all these symptoms.

We flew in Friday night and Ryan and Megan were exactly as I imagined, the only thing that was different was the door of the house wasn't where I thought it would be, lol. They made a beautiful dinner for us. The next day we were at baby Hannah's shower. It was wonderful to also meet all Megan and Ryan's family and friends we had heard so much about. We stayed up talking until 1 am EST, 4 am PST!! Ryan made the comment that it was so nice to be able to talk about Grace and Gracie without any judgement or awkward moments. I totally agree and wish I could have way more of that.
And then flew home Sunday. One day will have that instant transporter we've been talking about and be able to see each other all the time. For now we we'll continue to text, call and skype and meet in person when we can. The visit was waaaaaay too short and Megan, Ryan and Hannah plan to come to our house next time for a longer visit this spring.

This was Saturday for dinner which was 4 pm our time, Gavin couldn't stay awake so we tried to prop him up for a picture of all of us.

This is the beautiful warm cuddly blanket Megan made for me:)

On it says: Bee friended by you and all kinds of cute little sayings like that. So appropriate :)


  1. i'm so excited that you two got to meet! it's amazing the friendships that form from blogs!

  2. oh my goodness, i'm crying as i read this post. i enjoy meeting other blm's too and know how special of a bond we share. i am so happy you two were able to meet and i had no idea that you found each other through my blog. hugs and lots of love! xo

  3. Oh what a wonderful visit! So glad you guys could meet up!

  4. Love that you were able to meet up and that you have this special connection brought by your girls. xxx

  5. That time together must have been precious!!! So sad it had to come about as it did...but so grateful you have each other and were able to meet up!!!