Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 months ago today

It was 2 months ago today we lost Gracie. Someone who I met through reading her web page, a stranger to me before all this, Pearl's mom e-mailed me today to share her condolences at the 2 month mark. Very thoughtful and kind of her to remember this and go out of her way to share kind words. Thank you Laura!

The top picture is Gracie's butterfly that Ella's mom made for her. You can see it on Ella's butterfly parade here. Thank you so much Bree for making this beautiful butterfly for Gracie. It means so much to me and is so satifying when someone recognizes her life and my grief.

And the 2nd photo of Gracie's name in the snow was made by Grace's mom, a dear friend. We have been able to support each other in our grief even though she's hundreds of miles away, in Ohio. Thank you so much Megan for recognizing Gracie in this way and being such a good support through all this. Where would I be without you?

Dear, Gracie, I love you so much sweet baby. I hope you're up there enjoying every minute, meeting and becoming friends with other babies, like Grace, Pearl and Ella. I will not lie it has been so hard to live without you down here. I wish I could hold you, and hold you and dress you in sweet baby girl things and smell your sweet baby smell. I wish I could see you smile, hear you laugh and see you grow. One day I will.

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  1. Monica- you are amazing. You have helped me so much to get me where I am now. (which others tell me is "better") Where would I be without YOU!?!? You've given me such wonderful stupport and strength at a time when you don't feel strong yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what else to say. (and when have YOU ever known me to be speechless??)