Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Honor of Gracie Jane Miller

10% of sea turtles that hatch live....a similar statistic as babies who live to the age of one with trisomy 18 yet more effort, research, legislation and energy is spent preserving the lives of sea turtles. The effort put into preserving their lives is awesome. When is that much effort going to be made to preserve these babies? Don't they matter as much as a sea turtle.

This month is trisomy awareness month. If Gracie would have made it full term she would have been born any day. She was due March 15. But we are left with are hearts broken and aching. She had trisomy 18 something I had never heard of until Gracie was diagnosed, yet is is the second most common genetic disease.

Some very important legislation to prevent future stillborn births, needs a push to encourage our senators and state representatives to put it on their agendas. Today, First Candle is requesting your help. Just a few minutes of your time can help propel a movement that has the potential to save thousands of babies’ lives for future generations to come.

I'm begging and pleading for a few minutes of your time to email your senators and state representatives. I thought it would take a lot of energy and effort to complete this task but if you click here, it takes less than 5 minutes to send the email off, they make it so easy.

And Thank you to Jennifer at The Blue Sparrow for making me aware.

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  1. Saving sea turtles is great but it's sad that more effort isn't being spent in saving our babies. I'll check out the link!