Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Day When I Get to Paradise

I love watching Gavin play at the park these days. He's moving passed the stage where you just play along side other kids to actually playing with other kids. The other day we went to a different park than we usually play at and he found a buddy to play with and they had the best time ever. They chased each other laughing and giggling the whole way up and down the swirl slide for over and hour. So fun to watch and if reminded me of growing up in our neighborhood with tons of kids and tons of fun all summer long. And I love seeing him enjoy himself like this.

I think of my Gracie in heaven. What will it be like when I get there with her? Jesus descibes it as paradise. So what would my paradise be like? I'm sure it will be even better than this but this is how I picture it: You know those days like we had the other day when it was 60 degrees out even at dusk. And the air smells sweet like grass and everything is blooming and the air is calm and the water on the lake is still. And the feeling you get when you see someone you're fond of they notice you and they want to be with you. And you know the feeling you have when your a kid without a care in the world in the middle of summer and you're having a ball and it's almost dusk but it's not quite time to go home yet. That feeling you have when you find your soul mate and you find out you have so much in common and you're really hitting it off and you can relate on so many levels. And you truly feel loved. I think that's how it will feel in heaven only it will feel that way forever because Jesus will greet me and fill me completely with His overflowing love that never ends. I'll feel so special that the most desirable person ever wants to be with me. I'll feel like he knows me intimately from every angle. All my cares, worries, sorrow, grief and pain will be gone. And He will and He already does love me this way but it will last and be so tangible in heaven. I have moments of this now but nothing like it will be like in heaven. I think Jesus will be there to greet me with my Gracie who is having the greatest time too, basking in the sweet love of Jesus. I'll get to hold her and love on her and smell her sweet baby smell, and touch her soft skin and touch her tiny feet, and dress her in sweet baby girl things and watch her play on the heavenly playground with all her sweet friends who are running and chasing each other and laughing and giggling. That's what I imagine it will be like one day when I get to paradise.

I love this song by Third Day called "Love Song." The words are so beautiful and on top of it I have some pretty incredible moments listening to this song. Once when I was heart broken after breaking up with a boyfriend many years ago. I was listening to this song on my way home from work and I had a wonderful vision of the purest sweetest love of Jesus and a warm glow surrounding me like a warm hug and I'll never forget it. Then the other day while I was painting my kitchen, "Love Song," came on and I had another moment like this where I just felt like Jesus was showing me how he knew my grief and I felt cared for. I'm so grateful for what my Jesus did just to be with me.

Mute the music at the bottum before you hit play on the video.

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