Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Came Without You

Spring Came Without You
by me (one of my first poems ever)

Spring came without you
The bitter cold is gone
And birds are singing
We thought you'd be here
Spring is here and you're not
We're still here
And you're not
One day we'll be together
Just not yet
Our hearts ache
Without you here
Cause you're with Jesus
And Grace Willow
And Isaac
And Roland
And James
And Joel
And Ella
And Xavier
And Chase
And Emma
And Carleigh
And Liam
And Matilda
And Isabella
And Layla
And Jenna
And Xavier
And Lyra
And Zakk
And Angel
And Daniel
And Aurora
And Alexandra
And Pearl
And Bryston
And Peanut
And Christian
And Violet
And all the others
You have plenty of playmates
But we wish we knew
What you were doing
While we're down here
Whatever it is
We wish we were doing it with you
But we're not
We will wait
Thank God for all their moms'
We wait together
And eat blueberries
And take pictures of spring without you


  1. it's a beautiful poem! way to give shout outs!!! *HUGS*

  2. Beautiful poem! I am no poem expert, but I say that is pretty good for one of your first poems. I got teary eyed reading and then smiled at the end because I ate blueberries today! xx

  3. Jill- How funny that you ate blueberries today also:) When we picked the balloons up at Safeway I noticed that they had fresh blueberries for buy one get one free. I couldn't resist (on her due date) especially since Gracie's name before we found out if she was a boy or a girl was "Blueberry." I couldn't quit drinking blueraspberry ICEE's during the 1st trimester and then the day she was born, my friend found a blueberry growing in her garden, in December!!

  4. Dear Sweet Monica with your beautiful guts... thank you so much for adding Grace Willow's name in that poem and for releasing a balloon for her. We will forever be joined by our sweet girls and I am so lucky to have met you. I am so sorry that Spring is here and your Gracie isn't. I imagine they are up in heaven catching all of our balloons and running around in a flower field with them giggling like little girls do. *hugs*

  5. Your poem is beautiful. I love you sister. The picture is perfect of our little blessings meshed together. Love ya Michelle

  6. That's a beautiful poem! :) You are so sweet to include Alexandra in it too. I know all our babies are playing together! (((HUGS)))

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful poem and tribute!

  8. What a beautiful poem and a great tribute to all the angels.