Sunday, October 25, 2009

Very Wise Friends and Family!!!

I just have to say we have some very wise friends and family. I want to be able to refer back and remember some of the things they said. I'm not going to leave their names signed onto the comments, I'll remember who they are. But I know if others may also feel comforted by some these words:

"Psalm 116:7 (NIV)
Be at rest once more, O my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you.
Even in this pain I pray that you can be at rest in His grace and goodness"

"He has a plan and a dream for Gracie's life and it is precious indeed. I know that we live in a world where bad things happen, but I'm more convinced than ever that God's power to redeem any situation is greater than anything this world can throw at us. I know He will redeem this as well. I've seen it time and time again since my dad had his stroke last year. God didn't cause it, but He will use it for good. Please be encouraged in your faith and hope for the future. You are on a journey you did not ask for, but God will have amazing blessings and "Grace" in it for you. I will be praying for you and your family for God's strength and comfort to hold you and inspire you. You are so loved!
"You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good." Genesis 50:20
God intends Gracie for good--yours and hers!"

"Just as Mary treasured up and pondered the different circumstances of Christ's birth and life (Luke 4:19). My mom told me once that Mary wouldn't be Mary without having given birth to Christ and watching him give His life for us. I took that an applied it to my life. I am not the woman I was meant to be without my son Joshua. I treasure and ponder many facets of his pregnancy, birth, and passing."

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