Friday, October 30, 2009

A Visit From Angee, Fun Times!

Today my cousin Angee came for a visit. She is such a gem and so helpful. We all (Angee, mom, Gavin and I) went shopping and first stopped at Bob's Sporting Goods so Angee could get some pink boots. On the way out of the store Gavin pulled me over to the storm drain to look down it. I pulled out my keys out of my pocket and right when I was pulling them out I knew they were going down that storm drain. We were stuck, no way to get in the van and even if we called a cab, we wouldn't be able to get in the house. So we called Laiman our hero and thankfully we called just in time, he was in Longview and just getting ready to head to Driscoll. He stopped and made me a new van key and house key. I didn't think heros were suppose to tease you though and rub it in that you have a problem losing your keys. I can't help it I'm pregnant:)

We were able to stop and get coffee. I finally found a coat that should work for the remainder of the time I'm pregnant and still be able to wear it after I'm pregnant.

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