Monday, October 26, 2009

Second Day Out

What a dark ugly day it is today. The rain is coming down and the sky is dark. Even my 2 year old son looked out the window midmorning and said "dark." My mom has been visiting for a few days to help distract me and suggested that we go to the mall and walk. At first I wanted to curl up and stay at home but then I remembered my new montras:

Deal with your own feelings and no one elses and God has my new normal.

I thought I could test drive these and see if they worked.It was a really good day. I saw babies. I saw pregnant women. I saw baby girl clothing. And I told my self,

"God has my new normal."

And it worked I didn't feel like I wanted to trade with anyone and I didn't tear up. Fortunately no one said a thing about my being pregnant, of coarse I was wearing a large sweatshirt that sort of hides that fact that I'm pregnant. I may have to practice the other montra:

Deal with your own feelings and no one elses, as I get bigger and can't hide.

One thing at a time.

Tomorrow and the next day we have dentist appointments. I called ahead and told them our situation and ask that they not say anything about my pregnancy. The receptionist was very professional and said not to worry she would make sure my request was honored.

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