Friday, November 13, 2009

Grateful For Your Prayers

I just wanted all of you to know how overwhelmed and grateful we are that so many people, new friends, old friends, family and even people we haven't met yet are sacrificing time for prayer for Gracie and our family. We are so grateful and feel so loved.

Kathy Christensen- I do remember you, your sisters and mom and dad. Thank you for sharing your story about Josiah and that you are praying for us at night when you're up with him. I pray that you will be able to get some sleep too and that Josiah will continue to grown and get stronger. And thank your dad and probably your grandma for me for passing on the blog.

Raemie Johnson- I thank you for all your insight and care. You're a great resource and supporter for what you've been going through with Isaac. Thank you for sharing with us and praying.

Mom-I do know who you are so you don't have to spell out your name:) Thank you for all your hours of taking care of us while you stayed at our house and for all the hours of prayer.

Pam Sand and Mom- I'm so grateful to you and all the people on your prayer chain at your church who have prayed for us. You have an amazing church that's willing to pray for a stranger, they have never even met on top of the needs of the church. It brought me to tears. Thanks to your mom too for her prayer for Gracie and great insight. You're my great little sister and I'm lucky to have you.

Leslie Noxon- What a great encourager you are, I don't know that I'm ready to go on Oprah at this point, but it's nice to know that you think I should. I want you to know how loved we feel by all your care and concern, advice and prayers.

Kyoko- You been won of my best supporters from the time I met you. You're comments, e-mails, gifts and prayers brighten my day and remind me of all the good times we had back in Eugene. You're right Maya and Gavin do have so much in common it's too bad we don't live closer, I'm sure they would hit it off:)

Amy-How's my old apartment looking in cinci? Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers. You've been a great friend to me for a lot of years, I still have great memories of our mountain biking trip:)

Chelsea-I don't know how to thank you for your being so open and sharing with me your experience, with Isaac. Thank you for all your hours of praying, time talking with us and remembering to pray for Laiman's test. Tell Dave that I'm so thankful for his support and helping Laiman through this time also.

Karen French- I'm so touched by your willingness to pray for us even though we haven't met yet. I hope we get to meet someday. You have been such an encouragement. I'm thankful for your openess in sharing about Kim, it has helped me.

Valerie and Jack- Your comments and encouragement have been so touching. I'm glad to know you're reading the blog and praying for Gracie and our family.

Donna Snodgrass- I'm so glad that my mom ran into you again and that we've been able to keep in touch. Thanks for all the touching comments, encouragement, scripture quotes and prayers. Hope you're doing well in Arizona.

Martha Hobbs- You have been such a dear friend to my mom. Thank you for your care, concern and prayers. Thanks for recognizing the importance of Gracie's life and God's plan for it, it means a lot to me:)

Auntie Carol- You're always there for me when I need you. And you make such a great wife, I hope Uncle Bert appreciates it as much as I do:) Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. I hope you know how loved we feel, and that we love you:)

Jo Lewis- I'm so humbled by your willingness to pray for us even though we haven't met. I have repeatedly thought about the comment you made to remember the joy and give God the pain, He can handle it. I'm sure I'll be needing that over and over again. And coming from someone who's lost a daughter and a son, I'll take any advice you can give me. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Tiffany- My oh sooo resourceful friend, fellow dietitian and couponer. Thanks so much for hooking us up with Julie, what an answer to prayers!!! It means so much to me that you are taking the time, with all your business taking care of 4 kids and all the activites, to pray and read the blog. Thank you.

Pat Thomas- I'm absolutely amazed that you are going out of your way to pray for us even though we haven't met. When I read your comment it touched me so much I cried. I'm so thankful that Pam has so many great people in her life that are willing to pray for us. I hope that we will get to meet someday. Thank you!!

Nancy Ellis- I'm so grateful to you and all the gal's at LCH who are praying for us. Tell everyone I miss them so much.

Michelle- I hope you know how much we have appreciated your willingness to do whatever we need, calling Now I Lay me Down to Sleep for us, offering to make Gracie a blanket, packing up the whole family and coming to Longview for Thanksgiving. What would we do without yah!! Love ya:)

Kirsten- I want to thank you and everybody at Center for Healthy Living for the kind words and the loving card you sent. It brought me to tears. And also CHS for sending the rose that we can pick out to remember Gracie, so thoughtful!! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Cindy Dizon- I'm glad to know that your reading this blog has brought some healing and encouragement and that I'm not the only one that needs mantras:) You have also been an encouragement to me, i hate that you have had to go through something like this too, but know that your pain and suffering isn't wasted, and God will turn it to good.

Gayle Carlson- It's good knowing that there are prayers going up all the way down in Eugene. Thanks for reading the blog and keeping us in your prayers.

And all the others- And I believe there are many other prayers going up for Gracie and our family. Thank you for all the prayers from those who are also reading the blog and praying. I was wishing there was a way for me to comment back to you on this blog but since there's not I figured I could just use the journal for that until I can figure something else out.

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