Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thankful for/that:
1. Jesus that he set us free from the fear of death, and that Gracie will be with him in heaven if she doesn't get to be in my arms and we'll all get to go be with her there.
2. Jesus for providing comfort and peace and for never leaving us even while we are on earth.
4. Laiman for being my peaceful rock, kind, compassionate, sensitive, diplomatic, and keeps everything in its eternal perspective.
5. Laiman who is an excellent communicator and is very respectful.
6. Gavin, my little human curious george, even though he is just as curious and gets into everything, I wouldn't trade him for anything!
7. Gavin for learning to go potty on the toilet!
8. A warm roof over our heads that's close to an amazingly beautiful park that we can walk to and play at.
9. My crazy, outgoing, open minded, game loving, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, nephews and niece.
10. My crazy family that's willing to come to my house for Thanksgiving and do most of the work!!
11. All the kind people, friends and family and people I haven't yet met who are encouraging us, and praying for our family and that God is answering by giving us a calm peace, and joy through this most difficult time in our lives.
12. That Gracie is kicking and can go with us anywhere we go safe inside.
13. Laiman passed his end of step, especially before the holidays and for providing for us!!
14. For all the troops, past and present who are sacrificing to keep our country safe.
15. My i-phone:)
16. My computer:)
17. Coupons and store sales that match.
18. That I get to stay home and take care of my Gavin.
19. Black Friday.
20. Nap time.

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