Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy and Kids

Candy and kids can be a real dilema. I don't like to create any battles over food especially at meal time, but I also want Gavin to get the nutrition he needs. I also want him to learn how to decide for himself when enough is enough without needing to be monitored by anyone else. My way of handling it this year is to let him eat all he wants today and then put it away.

It was interesting to see him eat all he wanted. It was like he was trying out candy for the first time. He would take a bite of a candy bar and say "I don't like it" and would throw away the rest. After eating several pieces he got to his favorite M&M's and ate a few but threw the rest away so that he could try a different kind.

I hope I can keep that willingness to throw away what he doesn't want alive because I know that something can happen before you become an adult that makes you never want to throw your favorite candy away.

After being so ache and tired last night I worried that I didn't feel Gracie kick like I normally do, around 9 pm. She still hasn't kicked enough that I can get Laiman to feel it. This morning she was kicking a lot more which I'm thankful for.

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