Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Week Check Up

Today's appointment was better than I expected. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!! No faux pas comments were made and in fact our doctor seemed very sensitive, warm and caring, even though she called her a "fetus." I guess I should have reminded her of her name "Gracie." I know she probably thinks of her as a fetus to keep herself emotionally protected, and I have to respect that. She actually shared with us that her 12 year old brother, passed away and was on comfort care at our local hospital and she had good things to say about the staff who took care of him. Knowing that she went through this experience gives me some reassurance. She is willing to give us a referral to the perinatologist at Salmon Creek if we decide we're ready to go down there.

I only have gained 1 pound in the last 4 weeks which was a huge suprise to me since I feel like I have gained more in the last 4 weeks than I have in the whole pregnancy. I measured at 26 weeks. Our doctor reminded me that since I have excess amniotic fluid that I could end up measuring ahead of the calendar but said 26 weeks isn't too bad. She said if there were any extreme changes in measurement she would order a new ultrasound.

We found out that there is a place that does 3-d keepsake ultrasounds down in Portland, where they give you a DVD and so we are checking into that. Most medical facilities will not allow video footage of the ultrasounds that are performed due to legal issues. We tried at our last ultrasound but they wouldn't allow video footage.

She did remember to order my glucose tolerance test, I guess 29 weeks is better late than never. I have however performed my own glucose tolerance tests on myself and it came out normal on 2 separate occasions. All my diabetes educator friends will appreciate that. So I'm not too worried about having gestational diabetes.

Thank you for all you prayers, comforting cards, and e-mails. We are grateful!!

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