Saturday, December 12, 2009

Invitation to Family and Friends:

We would like to invite all of our family and friends who were touched by Gracie's life to share in our celebration of her life. To allow each member of our family to grieve in their own special way, we will be having many special private family tributes to Gracie by floating a balloon up for her. We will attach a message for Gracie to the balloon string. We plan to do this whenever we feel like it's time to take time and remember to stay in the moment and enjoy life. We will take a picture wherever we are and the balloon we send up so we can remember these moments. Whenever we have a special famliy time we want to keep her in our memory and think of her. I'm sure there will be many times when we wish she were here with us and when we feel this way the most, these will be the times we will float a balloon up.
Many of you have asked what you can do for us. What would help us the most is if you would find the joy in every moment and if those who would like to would also send up a balloon when you think of her. If you can, please take a picture of where you are and the balloon you send up and e-mail it to us ( We will keep a online photo journal for anyone who wants to see.

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